The most important thing to help Anne Scott's campaign is to vote, and please tell your friends to vote too.  In Martin County, "word of mouth" is still the best way to let people know about Anne's campaign.  

The Republican Primary election is August 14, 2012.  You must be registered as a Republican to vote for Anne Scott.  

Anne appreciates all help you can offer the campaign:  

To VOLUNTEER, please contact Anne's campaign email:  AnneScott2012

To CONTRIBUTE to the campaign:
Your contribution, whether in the amount of $1, $5 or $500, is greatly appreciated.  The maximum contribution per person for a campaign is $500.  Note: The campaign will not accept contributions from any person or business that stands to gain financially from County Commissioner's decisions.  

When you click this link, a contribution document will open for you to complete and mail along with your check.

Neighbors listen to neighbors!  If you can host a coffee social for Anne, she can meet people on an individual basis.  Even if not everyone can attend, they will know that you are supporting Anne's campaign. 

DISPLAY A SIGN or WAVE for Anne:  
In the spring Anne will need volunteers to display a yard sign or sign in the window.  The campaign will be doing the "traditional" Martin County street corner waving and volunteers are needed for that too.

Anne Scott Campaign, 8949 SE Bridge Road, Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Email:  AnneScott2012

And a BIG thank you goes out to all of you who would like to help!