Extreme Sports FAQ

Update:  On Tuesday, July 10th, the County Commission reversed their prior approval of the Extreme Sports Comprehensive Plan Amendment.  They voted 5-0 to reject this amendment.  The voices, emails, and letters tipped the balance and forced the Commission to change its vote.  However, they can re-apply in September when a new round of Comprehensive Plan Amendments are accepted.  

Eve Samples, Stuart News, July 12th wrote this about Mr. Hayes: "He won't rule out supporting the Extreme Sports park at some point in the future.  Nor will he commit to endorsing it.  That's Hayes for you."

1.  Where is the project called Extreme Sports located?
Extreme Sports is on 111 acres of Agricultural Land between I-95 and the Turnpike, just to the north of Bridge Road. It is miles outside the urban boundary.  All the land around it is agricultural.  It is next to the proposed town of Hobe Grove at its southwest corner, just across the Turnpike.  The proposed town of Harmony is to the northwest, across the turnpike.

2.  What can this property be used for right now?
This property can only be used for agriculture.  It does not meet the Comprehensive Plan requirements below for commercial uses, designated only for the traveling public, at this I-95 interchange:  

A.  Must be on a Major Arterial,  
but Bridge Road is not a Major Arterial.
B.  Must be a market analysis that demonstrates a need for services for the traveling public,
but gas, hotels and restaurants are already located at Kanner Hwy exit, 4.5 miles north.
C.  The uses are limited to convenience stores, gift shops, motels (max 20 units per acre), restaurants, and gas stations designated only for the traveling public
but they want RV parks and other uses that are for people to come and stay, not gas up and leave.  

Furthermore, only 34 acres of this property might someday be eligible for commercial use for the traveling public, not the 111 acres of this project.

3. Why is the Extreme Sports project so important?
The principal reason that makes this project so critical is that it violates the urban boundary protections, creates traffic issues, raises health problems and is yet another legal precedent for costly sprawl. This erosion to our Comp Plan is a slippery slope. If the commission continues to allow developers to break our rules, others will demand the same. As the Florida Department of Transportation letter said "modifications for one site would set a precedent for owners of other sites with an EOTCSC (Expressway Oriented Transient Commercial Service Center) designation to request similar treatment, including owners of sites in the other three quadrants of the i-95/SE Bridge Road interchange".  

4. Isn't this only a wake-board park?
Although the focus has been on the wake-board park, they are asking for much more. They want RV Parks, unspecified "Commercial Amusements", restaurants, hotels, gas stations.  They want these uses allowed on all 111 acres of this property. 

5. What did the county staff recommend regarding the Extreme Sports project?
The county Growth Management staff and the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council staff recommended that the Commission deny changing the agricultural land use on the 111 acres to allow this.

6. Is it true that this is only "40-50 car trips a day"?
No. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) letter dated June 19 said that trips generated would be extensive and that more problematic traffic is likely to occur with more development after this "precedent" is created.  The county staff said "The uses proposed in the PUD would change the nature of the services provided at the interchange from basic services for a traveling public to an attractor use that would draw the public seeking entertainment."  The costly impact to our roads and infrastructure will end up being paid for by the taxpayers.

8. What about the health risks associated with this lake?
The Health Department letter said the following about the health hazards of swimming in the property's lake:  "Primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) is a rare but nearly always fatal disease caused by infection with Naegleria fowleri, an ameba found in freshwater ponds in Florida... Because of this risk, all visitors who enter the cable ski pond should be told to use nose plugs to reduce the chance of infection.  If they do not use nose plugs, they should sign a statement that they are aware of the risk.  In addition, a sign should be posted that states that ameba may be a risk.