On July 10th, the County Commission will hold the final hearing on the Extreme Sports Wake-board park at 4pm at the Administration Building at 2401 SE Monterey Road.  I hope you will join me in telling the Commission to vote NO on this project.  

If I were a sitting County Commissioner of Martin County, I would have rejected this project at the outset. I am an enthusiastic supporter of recreational activities for youth in Martin County. However, I am unalterably opposed to the uses proposed for this location. Having observed the progress of this project with dismay, I believe that the three commissioners who approved this project did so with total disregard for the laws of the county and in violation of the public trust.

In voting to approve this project, my opponent, Patrick Hayes:

  • Disregarded the Growth Management staff's recommendation to reject the project finding no basis whatsoever to make any of these changes to our growth management laws.

  • Ignored the Health Department warnings that the project poses serious and possibly fatal health risks.

  • Disregarded a Department of Transportation report which concludes that the proposal fails utterly to address the significant regional traffic impacts.

  • Voted to ignore the report of the staff of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, and the objections of representatives of the Towns of Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach and Indian River County who voiced concerns about the negative regional impact of proceeding with the project without a plan for the area.

  • Acknowledged being contacted by hundreds of constituents who overwhelmingly urged denial of the proposal and decided to ignore them.

In voting to approve this project, Patrick Hayes violated the public trust by:

  • Promising his constituents at a town hall meeting that he would not vote for the project and in voting for it anyway explaining that he did not mean his promise.

  • Voting for at least two amendments to the Comprehensive plan that were not subjected to public review in compliance with the rules he is sworn to uphold.

  • Engaged in an attempt at “spot zoning” for the parcel in question which is against the law.

  • Concluded that RV parks, hotels, restaurants, theatres, sports arenas, skating rinks and water sports parks are a “rural use” appropriate for agricultural land.

As a resident who spoke against this project on May 8th, I know there are hundreds of residents who also voiced their objection.  I hope you will continue to let the County Commission know your concerns and join me on Tuesday, July 10th.