We hope you will take a few minutes to read these comments about Anne Scott.

The Stuart News endorses Anne Scott for the November 6th election.  Read the editorial here.

The Palm Beach Post endorses Anne Scott for the August 14th Primary election.  Read the editorial here.

Honorable Thomas R. Fitzgerald, retired Chief Justice, Illinois Supreme Court, May, 2011, "I have known Anne Scott for over 37 years as a student, colleague and friend.  As her supervising judge I knew I could rely on Anne to be fair and objective and above all independent.  Her intelligence, integrity and reverence for the rule of law earned her the respect of judges and lawyers alike.  She was selected by the Illinois Supreme Court to teach at its annual judicial seminar on the subject of ethics.  In her many assignments, Anne became known as a judge with a common touch, street smarts and a deep understanding and empathy for those who appeared before her."

Maggy Hurchalla, former Martin County Commissioner, "I'm supporting Anne because she is honest.  She is intelligent.  She cares about Martin County.   The pro-growth boys on the commission have increased taxes, approved pet projects without justification, and signed contracts without accountability. Anne can help turn that around. She understands about business, and she knows how to run the county in a truly businesslike way. Anne is committed to keeping Martin County a good place to live for the people who live here. She understands that we need to maintain and strengthen our Comp Plan – as a rule of law and not of deal making. Most of all she understands why we all live in Martin County and what it is we are determined to save, both in our own neighborhoods and in our wild places."